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Sensitive Defense For Drug Crime Charges

Tallahassee Drug Charges

Tallahassee drug charges are at an all-time high. At Bodiford Law, P.A., attorney Joe Bodiford has represented those charged with all types of drug crimes including drug possession, trafficking, drug conspiracy, and criminal forfeiture. Drug charges may involve:

  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription medications, including Vicodin and other narcotic painkillers

Those charged with drug crimes come from every walk of life, from first-year college students and professionals using recreationally to people who have had major surgery and become addicted to painkillers as a result. Mr. Bodiford’s brother died as the result of a drug addiction, so he has a special sensitivity for drug crime cases. He believes that if the prosecution’s case cannot be proven, then you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences. He also believes that if you need help, you should get it now.

Get The Help You Need Now And In The Future

Mr. Bodiford’s has a strong track record of success in Tallahassee drug crimes cases. While he has won cases on motion to suppress or other legal technicalities, he is also devoted to his clients as people. If you hire him to defend you in a drug crimes case, he will remain interested in your health and well-being for the short and the long term.

People charged with drug crimes don’t just have a legal problem. Often, they have a substance abuse problem. Mr. Bodiford’s personal experience combined with his professional connections means that he is in the position to connect his clients with whatever help they may need.

Contact Us For Experienced Defense against Tallahassee drug charges

There are many highly technical aspects to Tallahassee drug crimes cases that require an experienced, creative and assertive attorney. Because of established schedules influencing minimum punishment, and because the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) can escalate cases to the federal level, an experienced drug crimes attorney is a must. Drug charge defense attorney Joe Bodiford has represented thousands of drug charges at all levels, and he is prepared for whatever turn your case may take.

Some attorneys’ entire defense strategy revolves around a plea agreement. Mr. Bodiford will carefully examine all possible defenses that may be available in your Tallahassee drug charges case before deciding if a plea agreement is right for you. It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to violate Fourth Amendment rights and unlawfully search individuals or their property. We will do everything possible to suppress any evidence law enforcement obtained while acting illegally during the course of your drug arrest.

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